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What are the benefits of using Node.js?
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There are following the benefits of using Node.js:-

1. Real-Time Web Applications:- Node JS development allows you to create a real-time web applications at a lighting speed just in the same time required to make a simple blog in PHP.The event-driven architecture are supported by both the client-side and the server-side which are written in JavaScript and  the synchronization process is fast and orderly.

2. Easy Coding:- Node.js allows the web developers to write the code in JavaScript for server and client both. Thus it makes convenient to transport data between the server and the client for co-ordinate the working simultaneously. Therefor a web application framework created via Node.js supports the same codebase for the client and the server.

3. Dynamic NPM:- NPM means Node Package Manager. Node.js is an open-source technology, it gives an edge with a shared repository of dynamic tools and modules. NPM is robust and super fast, it helps to make the dependency management perfect.

4. Data Streaming:- As we know that, in web development, HTTP request and response are considered as the two separate events. Actually, they are data streams. This function can be used to the maximum with Node.js to create some of the best attributes, such as processing files at the time of loading. This can reduce the overall duration of the process when the data is presented in the form of transmissions.

However, the same can be implemented at the time of recording video or audio in real time.

5. Solves All Database Queries:- The database queries for new NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB have the JavaScript framework. The web developers need not modulate the syntax differences while uniting the Node.js and NoSQL databases. Node.js access with real-time web apps as the JSON format enables it to run without any obstacles in data conversion and mismatches.
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