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What are Globals in Node.js?
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2 Answers

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There are three keywords in Node.js known as Globals:-

1. Buffer – Buffer is a class in Node.js that handles binary data.
2. Global – Global represents the Global namespace object and acts as a container for all other objects.
3. Process – Process is one of the global objects but can turn a synchronous function into an async callback. It can be accessed from anywhere in code and it gives back information about application or environment.
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There are following list of Node.js global objects:-

  * Console
  * Process
  * Buffer
  * __dirname
  * __filename
  * setImmediate(callback[, arg][, ...])
  * setInterval(callback, delay[, arg][, ...])
  * setTimeout(callback, delay[, arg][, ...])
  * clearImmediate(immediateObject)
  * clearInterval(intervalObject)
  * clearTimeout(timeoutObject)
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